We provide Independant Information Technology Services for the QL and the Web.

Who We Are

Quo Vadis Design Sells QL Software in the UK

Our History

Quo Vadis Design was founded in 1992. Below are detailed some of the commercial activities Quo Vadis Design has been involved in over the years:-

  • Edited QL Technical Review & QL Leisure Review. C.G.H Services published two magazines, one reviewing QL Technical hardware/software and the other QL Games. We took over the editing and layout of the magazines.
  • Edited & Published QReview. A magazine dedicated to the QL. When C.G.H Services ceased trading a new magazine, merging the content of QL Technical Review & QL Leisure Review, was created and published.
  • QL Software Publisher/Distributor. When Dilwyn Jones Computing ceased trading we took over the publishing and distribution of QL Software.
  • QL-User email discussion list.QL-Users is the discussion list of all things QL/QDOS/SMSQ/E. It was setup in the very early days of the Internet and is still going strong. Joining instructions are on the support page.